Sunday, April 23, 2017

Contentment # 98 Claine Keily

As he talked
he smoked cigarettes
and then crushed the ends
in the empty glass of wine
before her
so as when they slept
she could smell the smoke
mingled with the last of the red

He told her of his past
of how he had played tennis
then when this became boring
he entertained himself
by imitating the accents
in American movies
then finding that others were impressed by this
he became an actor

Despite his age
he kept his ribs visible
through his skin
she found his vanity touching
and watched him as he slept
rich with a contentment
she wished she herself had


  1. Lord. Dear Claine, the audience is all shouting "Get rid of him!"

    1. Well I did but I think it best to inform others about this type

  2. Totally agree with Rob - get rid of him & his vanity ... and (from weeks ag) but keep the books!!!

    1. The books were always mine Kristen xx


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