Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kit Kelen #462 - être


to be is all with
it spreads out from there

like a prayer calls to all corners
makes kingdom of hearing

to be is not a known thing
it's under every threshold

if you think it's all named
you've been reading a book

to be is a stain
and already spread

it's picnic of the blanket
and the sun lost to its sky

the unknown will be most of it
that has a certain odour

we're not to air
as others are

we're not to sea
as whale

the list will be crossed off
when we come to it

once we have learned
just to be


  1. not really sure what order this should be in, though I think the beginning and end are right

    1. I love it. Maybe picnic after threshhold?

  2. Dear Kit, I feel
    the last couplet's thing
    is already understood
    and need not be so bold

  3. could be a title though
    ... for this or another pome


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