Saturday, April 29, 2017

Kristen de Kline #92 Litigation Blues

rumours of take-overs mergers offers     shadow the corridors
paper-work slaps your desk   the words 'good faith' reverberate
through the two page disclaimer    
some sort of sick joke     remember that old TV show
you get the money I get the paper bag

hollow bones
empty deals carve emptier words
out of Autumn air     men, coal blackened, hollowed out     drift around Lawless  
ghostly girls     pale blue dresses     linger by rusted out cars, bonnets up
windows down     laughter    that's all you can
make out      laughter        

the sky

might be amethyst     bring it on
the new car caviar four star daydream
clouds turn a darker shade of     violet, brooding
stars writhe around tensely, like little fish  
somebody flounders,  finds it hard
to breathe   breathe-in-out-in-out 
pass me my puffer

ghostly hollow

bones men     fire off paperwork
stopwastingtimespacelegalfees       no more sick jokes
not in the mood     really      not in the mood
bones laugh men dance     time kisses
slaps     runs     away
five little figures and a blue circle flee
from a lawyer's notebook     stars fit and
tremble    nobody comes up for air    wigs and robes wheeze
in the courthouse     darkness drifts

slappin' time  
     running     away  
     coming     undone
is this your idea of fun


  1. Yeah it does, doesn't it Stuart? But hey Lawless is great at generating surprises and the fucked-things-twisting-round again! :)


  2. Dear Kristen, I love this. And particularly
    how it goes off the rails, so to speak.
    Catches and rights itself, the lawless way.

    1. Thanks Rob - off the rails & then back on them - as you say in the lawless way :)


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