Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Kristen de Kline - #86 - time is stealing me

time is stealing me
away     don't ask where
don't come looking
the Former People may be up for abduction
whispering softly      perhaps I'll go willingly     fall in love
again     turn into Patti Hearst      they've got under my
skin   sleeping out on Lawless Road     their clothes habits phrases strange  
ways     etched deeper inside of me     tattooed on my

wheel-less cars  balance on wooden crates    under the black hole
sun     a needle loaded with methadone      I wish I'd never kissed
her     taps the vein     pulls the

boss boy hands me an open book of aerial
poetry     when you turn your back on me it flies
away     nobody told me there'd be days like
these     the nights grow  
longer      a stranger in a blue uniform tries to serve
papers     your initial on every page     tides turn too
slowly     I caress the flying poems scattered, shattered through
the volume     as if the      veins, pins, poems     mattered  
I ran away     don't ask where
don't come looking     bodies float
up     from the bottom of the
estuary floor     it's always our bodies, guilty
that betray us in the end     don't ask
where     don't come


  1. What a finale!
    Cheers etc.

  2. Thanks Rob:) now back to the pages that cut - love that line - and what you did in that poem "The Open Book" - want to textually raid with it, play with it ....:)

  3. My reading of this was that the poets on this site could be those of Lawless Road. Maybe I am projecting too much of my own experience. When I read this is makes me think of my experience of reading poems on this site!

    1. Claine, I love your reading of the Lawless Road poems - and the way in which Rob (and others) have also 'run with them' - and I really like the way that after reading this poem you thought of your experience of reading poems on this site. I think all of us poets are a bit lawless, anarchistic & eccentric (for want of a better term!) at heart!

  4. I just love them, that vein is a rainbow.


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