Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 213 - Solo Performer

Solo Performer

at the door the dog sits
on my discarded dirty clothes
the centurion on guard    all
to waste   no  pain    just marks
useless            over reactions
one great big flinching peach

there is some desire to read
 yourself to sleep   I tell the
dolls   who lay reflecting worry

proxy people   while I sit  not
 like a mountain            wobble
in my swamped longing
 for the firm foothold
 for the hand held
   in the dark

meditation doesn’t work
 focus on the breath
            and suck


  1. or
    focus on the breath
    it sucks

    swamped longings --
    another great name for a band

  2. Dear Kerri, another v. powerful & v. terrific poem. Thank you.


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