Monday, April 10, 2017

Kristen de Kline #84 a few more words (with thanks to Rob S)

a few more words
the writing on the wall is quick to fade     luminous tagged
graffiti flies, fails     across the brick wall adjoining Lawless Road

words birds bodies are flailing away     lines are getting
blurry     words are     breaking
down    tongues are
forked     time has come and stolen
a few more words    

you search for them     the flying, failing, flailing words      in stolen cars
lying underneath carcasses of machines suspended by a flimsy
metal jack     the automobile corpse held up by wooden blocks
the tyres are already on E-Bay:  I'll send the link if you want
the Victorian plates are unscrewed, I don't ask the Former People where they've
travelled to     loose lips sink ships     a few more
words     hang out in the back pages of poetry volumes I can't locate
thrown too quickly into packing boxes     <and I wake up alone>
another poem     a few more words     that's all I want    
talk to me     that's all I want    
just a few more words
another line another kiss
<and I wake up alone>
a few more words     coming     moving
through my limbs, my body     time is stealing me
away     don't ask where    
don't come looking  


  1. time is stealing me
    away don't ask where
    don't come looking

    would also be a great beginning for a poem

    1. You're right Kit - it's a great combo. Will have to flesh it out into a longer piece :)


  2. a thousand poems
    sitting in a box
    in the dark
    don't come looking
    a few more words
    resting from their perfection

    1. Love this one too Rob - also a great beginning for a poem (like the earlier one Kit suggested) but also works well as a poem in it's own right. Cheers :)


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