Friday, April 21, 2017

Kit Kelen #471 - LCD


the under ones are flabby
in the head as well
thrown to thought
and lust as others
let's not mention BMI

they are always seeping through
they keep the streets in traffic
they have been known to vote
and hang by the neck
until there are more
bring us to a better world

their crimes are as the rest
each with the identical cross
the unidentified remains

their hearts are just as full as ours
they've got it wrong as well
as much
they're always looking up

once you could smell them a mile away
and retch
and smell their betters too
just as whiffy but

how was it we came to believe in them?
how did that habit slough?

we stood to attention for them once
glimpsed through the dark glass
if they were in their cups
sine qua non so we salute
they were the cenotaph

the under ones
love handled
when they climb on top
be blissed
lay back

they are the puddle stain of coitus
that's a country in the crutch

they too have read a way to here
and must have dreamt themselves

they love their children just as much
sometimes you will hear them sing
and have a radio for that

their struggles for balance
through generations
how other-like
fuzzy upstairs
it's dimlit

the masses
come up on scans
and have to be watched
the doctor says

slip in among them for a crowd

of birthday bliss
at the casino
they're the full candle scammed

and Christmas will be one of theirs
industry is all the creatures

how they must miscegenate!

do you consider their aches less
or their griefs less telling?

aren't they a question hung?
whom clocks have dazzled
to meal, bath, bed

they are the long apprentices
of light

we sell to them
they whistle up our arguments
we bring the evidence required

what if we were them
or they were us?

scratch that
we're the favourites

they're the life unpacked

even if they're of a mind
go like the clappers
till out of steam
it's with their own thoughts they steady

there's no behind the scenes
though they invent intrigue

the extras
most difficult of customers
and still agreement nods in them

a far far better thing they do

if anything they're too well washed

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