Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 230 - Creationism


I best get the washing out,
 best get some food on
 ought take the
 long pre-plastered strips of fabric
 press them to my breasts

create a  pot plant holder destiny 
the western garden   some admirer yes

every woman steals the day every woman
runs away            the half-plucked chook of daytime
pressed up hard into the underarm
a thing of some contention harbouring
one pocket             this escaping daylight
run for it
 girl run


  1. Fantastic Kerri - love the domesticity intertwined with the images of every woman stealing the day ... running away - run girl run!

  2. This whole sequence is fantastic - oh that 'half plucked chook',!

  3. ah, the half-plucked chook of day

    makes my pudding magic


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