Friday, April 14, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #1 - The Effigy of a Saint

The effigy of a saint standing

Above the writing desk

Tilting forward slightly

As though to step ahead

Tonsured, round headed

Chipped off hand

Right arm set square

Robes tarnished by sand

Paper or time

Around the room idols

Clash – figurines of people

Who never met, and

Probably were never real

Yet they speak obliquely

Across the centuries

With hope willing today

Something vague

Something spiritual


  1. Welcome, Stu. You have brought a fine poem. Saints of differing skill sets. Above my desk I have an old painting of a lone Chinese poet sitting under a tree on a hilltop. :)

  2. such a picture, lovely and welcome welcome, more more.

  3. Thank you kindly - it's great to be here!


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