Monday, April 10, 2017

Rob Schackne #296 - "The open book"

The open book
crook and cook
pages glued together
broken up mirror
broken reflections
fucked up things
turned around
for the bleakness
out come the nails

this open book
a sharp knife
the pages cut

what I read there
the hands the hours
what were you doing
closing a book
what was I thinking
slamming a door
a black cat
stops and looks
that mystery
needs distance like
an egg needs a horse


  1. I've called the spirit
    of many of your poems here
    so now just let me say thank you

  2. Oh, I like this one Rob - the pages cut ... the hands/the hours - I like the sense of the pages of the open book being as dangerous - or more so - than the sharp knife. great turn and twist! Love it!

  3. Those last six lines! Stand by themselves so perfectly.


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