Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 219 - Behind the Line

Behind the Line

it is as high as a short lady’s hip
my eight-year old Meyer lemon
that never sets a fruit

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but the temper of the times has changed
back here in the clothesline end of town
 I find nine fat lemons             

this tree             my jaw both           
 nearly on the ground

I have given her a feed
 the extent of ministration

Image may contain: plant, fruit, food and outdoor

 far better than the washing up
 the locus of excitement            displacing
kitten             and the illness of the brain

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and food

blue sky green fruit             waiting out a ripen             all
well enough distraction             for this day


  1. I have one in the same position - but setting endless fruit from where I wash up. love the opening line and all through it, the lemon spread. Is there ever enough distraction? I could read that all day.


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