Friday, April 28, 2017

Kit Kelen #478 - spring - Genarp

spring – Genarp
at the Sundmark Castle

for Björn and Karin and Oskar and (absent) Sigrid and for Göran too

I know this home
black labrador guarded
sinks in the lawn come up

I must have dreamt a way back here
the place was in my head all night
in a basement and the stairs crept up

here's a welcome sun comes calling
curls with cat on kitchen couch

still frost on the shaded lawn this morning
(in Sweden no sun too much)

then grey clouds gather
grey clouds go
trees reach
in buds we show

I remember this garden
in feet of snow
and yesterday fine hail piled thick

every kind of weather comes
still spring is king
and will be crowned
sun streaming morning bright
to show the season home

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