Sunday, April 9, 2017

She passed by # 95 Claine Keily

She passed by way
of a friend's advocado tree
and they spilled them out before her

From one friend's house
to another she passed
bearing the fruits they
gave her

There were gardens
and laughter
and tiny bugs all over them
for they were too relaxed
to build a fire

Now it mattered less
that she could not move
her crippled body
as she once had
to point at stars
or to ride her pony


  1. Jeez. Every single poem of yours expands into 20 more. Brilliant. :)

    1. Thanks Rob I think I am missing working on my novels!

  2. stars and a pony - she can still get up.

    1. Yes luckily she can and soon she will gallop off under the stars on her pony( well maybe in a few months or so!)


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