Friday, April 21, 2017

James Walton #50 Timothy Leary drops by

shelters gather     a stampede through western towns
suburbs relinquish dogma     take away food departs
the empty waiting room     sighs
a friend once laughed     where’s the vinegar
they queue into the street     impatient the bank teller
thinks     of love in the morning     an early retirement
where a beach can smile     at this effrontery
sweating     a grasshopper in an old running shoe
hasn’t time      for the hand held clicker
a hat without a brim     is mistaken confidence


  1. Your line "a grasshopper in an old running shoe" took the pebble right out of my hand!

  2. Fabulous poem! The things that bank tellers think of .... hope Timothy Leary drops by into a few more of your poems. :)

  3. Yes James a super poem full of craft and nuance.


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