Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kristen de Kline #88 a thousand things

some days it's the fucked up things that twist 'n' turn around
like planets     nobody     saw that coming  
dreams overlaid with a thousand  
surprises     they make you smile

there isn't a roundabout at Lawless
just a thousand poems
sitting in a box
in the dark     slipping through your
fingers     flying off into thinner, colder
air     melting down on an automobile carcass
as the rain settles in     the car's lost all the wheels, propped up on wooden beer crates
you don't know the first thing about engines but you're in charge now

how do you measure a thousand things
the word is it's nothing random nothing
didn't shrinks say dreams were full of
surprises     nobody sees your shadow
come undone     until it's too late     what's late
anyway?     you should have listened found the brake handed over the stash
falling in reverse     it's nothing
it's random    it's nothing    honestly

how do you measure a thousand surprises
     a thousand
poems     kisses     dreams     years

go back to sleep
just keep dreaming     for a thousand years  
some days it's the fucked up things
that turn around     that make you


  1. could use a bit of a kip in fact

    1. A sleep for a thousand years - that's how long the Velvet Underground thought would do the trick!


  2. What a beautiful pome
    this is dear Kristen

  3. well I'm still looking forward to all tomorrow's parties

  4. When I got to the end I scrolled back up and read it again straight away - always a good sign I've found a great poem! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Staurt - glad to hear you read it again straight away - that made my day! :)


  5. Heads down on the desk
    a thousand years of sleep
    dreams scratching the arm
    pens falling to the ground
    it shouldn't take that long
    the precious mind to wake
    and the lizards congregate
    calling for replacements
    it won't take long this time
    weird in the goldmine
    explosions and flooding
    something's knocking loud
    it's just barely conscious
    swimming to the surface

    1. Another Uber Wow to you Rob - love your poetic responses - particularly that powerful ending - just blows me away! Thank you:)


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