Friday, April 28, 2017

Kit Kelen #477 - Genarp


having not yet arrived
I have to guess a way
out in the bright of it

still in my head in another zone
where seasons matter much less

here, grey in the sun's way, green
light breeze forgetting scarf

moss bright
struck by sun
budded to bliss
now fully birded

everything in the queue to be
and all begun again

all winter strong still standing
here where the weekend was
mud of wheels makes

I was worried I might get lost with the dog
but Gimli knows the way

there's wind like traffic through the trees
red fungus from the stump
and on the yellow trail

moss of the log
in the snow's steps trod
roots for tripping
bogs for dog

ghosts bright the night
where corpses sink
but that's another story

who's like a horse
still anxious to obey?

Genarp, all led off by seasons
in crow calls, swan dives
ducks dodging on

it's here I have to imagine a circle
with little rabbits on their run
to guess a way

with Gimli
flowers in the head
clouds of you following
or am I led?

out in the bright of it
grey in the sun's way

moss bright
struck by sun
in budded bliss

world bird begun
all this and this

I lack the understanding to be here
and yet here I am 


  1. there are days you have to write your own comments
    they might grow into a poem
    then another poem comes
    becomes another post

    how often one finds oneself
    far flung
    like this
    in some world's far corner
    talking to oneself
    like this

    1. then the thing
      comes closer
      a breeze on lichen
      something talking
      but we don't what it is
      so many
      far corners
      of the world


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