Saturday, April 15, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #2 - Schwah

Ugh, schwah

Dribbled out the front of mouth

Ugly inaction and bad breath

I didn’t disavow you

Just disallowed your

Lazy vowel

Ugh, schwah

Lips go limp like a coma

Disinterested voice floats over

Tongue flaccid and

Fattened on plankton

No vibrations

Ugh, schwah

Common as muck, multilingual

A sigh’s no signal

Shallow air drawn

Suffocating sound

Of a dying breath


  1. wow - that is a cosmic coincidence!

    I wrote these lines yesterday ---

    if things keep going the way they are
    will the vowel in schwa one day be schwa?

  2. Welcome to the blog Stuart ... and schwa to you too :)


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