Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kit Kelen #469 - nameless


coming from life
for instance into clockwork
or a camera catches

is there before this was imagined?

another knock at the mirror
a murmur
slip in

moments of truth come
scribbled on water

gods were once our own creation
there is no reason they should go

the ancient world
and the world to be
we're the only track that joins them

once it was we all could fly
every animal
even the fish
nobody needed any wings
that was beside the point

nothing in here but what I remember
I might have been under the sea
all swam
even the birds
fallen past weather

all who are gone come
they are knocking
they are a foot in the door

and want to breathe
make pure the light

reality is where we'll be
when I'm the pill, dissolve

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