Friday, April 14, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 215 - Testing, a friendship

Testing, a friendship

You don’t want to get a glimpse at how you die
you need to trust me about this

it is the still night            I am inside my good room
the burnt orange kitten breathes against my hand his
love for my return                         I know what is inside my head
it was there all year most likely             causing small
malfunctions                        treacheries of the social kind

calling for interventions             pads            walkers
at times a chair            for the wildness of the gait
has torn the big tendons in the glutes

 we laugh             like I am some athlete            I had to say
goodbye to my physio             after five years            and
it starts to be that long haul I            throw a nail party for my
lady carers             hell            we are friends now

I was at the beach last year with my friend her daughter
who at four                         this treasured companion              makes me get
out of the cyberspace suckling             with which I soothe
and comfort                        and imitate the leftover version
of myself             I just gimp out

we shivered under shadow             it’s the kites Cocoa she pointed overhead to the hang glider madmen
I thought it was a Pterodactyl
we laughed against each others towel-clad sides

no one laughs at this shadow              when it wheels across
my cerebellum             we all hope it might move            might disappear
 the Prof             on the spot only hours in             a careful man says

there is the suspicion of the shadow in the right side can you
be careful with your blood pressure             watch cholesterol
he shows me where and how it sits

later people ask me what it is we’ll do
in the silent space of shadowland              I fidget             tell them             waiting

more investigation             truth is            there is just the gardening
me and the Pterodactyl             outside in the sun


  1. laughing at the shadow has got to be the best

  2. "It's the kites Cocoa" - I love it.


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