Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kit Kelen #476 - the nation trick again

the nation trick again
Anzac Day, 2017

wrapped in a flag
and all salute
some colour of the skin
not random
the nation trick
as empires conjure
as cash is raked

can't a white man say
we all Sisyphus salute
house on the hill
we're out of the trenches
to climb

but I won't make it
and neither will you

we're wrapped in a flag
so a corpse will sing
we're only following orders

who's up there shining
better than the ones
who'd do it all away?

the soldier's unknown
it's the nation trick

and do it again
here because we're here
mud made us

dig until there's gold

there have been things
worth dying for
but are there still today?

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