Monday, April 17, 2017

Kit Kelen #467 - thoughts of Kim Jong-un

thoughts of Kim Jong-un

the army will never pardon all those who disobey the order of the Supreme Commander

you want him toppled, don't you?
the fat boy with the missiles at us

at us? but we're so far...
in Seoul, a different story

half the country's there
and just across the border

what is he, out of history? footnote joke
in the making, how can one like him be so?

he is the slave master, spoiled one
the poisoner of brothers, uncles

call him Pudge
the gulag monster

you want him for the evil one, veritable Voldemort
how we fawn on folly, waste, conspicuous consumption

he lives in 'Central Luxury Mansion'
does that sound like someone else you know?

his zombie people we can't see
the hermits are all robots now

he smokes, he limps, he tucks in too
oh, he is a beast!

you want laid low, gone like Gaddafi
hanged like Saddam, all burned up like Hitler

he makes China look so mild
he gives the Yanks a reason

forget about everything Japan once did
that's all so long ago
he's a danger to his people
he's a danger to himself

you'd like to go right up to him
spit in his eye, give him a piece of your mind

he's farce of the past
he's tinpot steampunk

it's as if he were the statue
of what it is we have to topple

who is it does the deifying?
all the world's press bend to this brat

no need to think of policy
we just have thoughts of him

under that roly-poly exterior
he parties all night like daddy did

sauna in the morning
his hacked missiles fall limp to the sea

this one really entertains
he divides all your attention

you wouldn't know him from Adam – that's good
he likes to wipe out near relations

even to the seventh generation
he has biblical aspirations

you want to poke him, don't you?
want to tug on his todge to see if he'll squeal

want to tickle him
tickle him

take away his ball
play piggy in the middle

you want to stick out a leg
and trip him, you want to see him fall

but what if he does? what if he were gone?
who would we look to next?

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