Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #7 - How Does Time

How does time repair
Untangling knots at the speed
Of a clock, with a slowly
Deflating hand turning
Through a bucket
                       of water

How does time patch
Without action, without
Movement filling in the
Gaps between moments, giving
Them pre-determined

How does time restore
Unrestored backups
Disk-drive data, driving only
When pre-programmed
Uncorrupted and


  1. I love that 'deflating hand turning through a bucket of water'. Dunno, maybe its the trickle down effect!

  2. my hunch is that time doesn't do these things and so the question won't arise ...
    but good to ask anyway, just in case

  3. Stuart, I love the deflating hand image too and the pre-programmed backups - uncorrupted and pure. But, yes, the question may well be does time actually repair, restore, patch ... hmmm ... if not, what does time do? Or rather, what do we do with time? :)


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