Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 448 - say I tell the time by rocks instead of sun

I spend too much imagining  the shapes  when nothing
sizable has walked  when no foliage grows
on the slopes of the volcano  when the boulders  are
still held tight by  shoulders  in the hard
obsidian  of the last eruption  say I wait

say I tell the time by rocks instead of sun

then watch the steam cooling in the vents
the slow decline of bubbles  in the boiling mud
the first green frond  unfurling  after rain
has cooled  what ran into the sea  in
one heated blurt of lava making steam


  1. quite a curry that was

    ... and here's my yesterday's, which I've just realised was an elevenses in disguise

    light is coming
    we are misted
    to the tick tock in it
    drip with the first lit leaves

    it comes to us

    in all this flutter of here-we-are
    in first steps off the nested branch
    and in the song's first bar
    we sleepers are
    come to light

  2. You see
    you all
    will write

    other than elevenses and like it too

    the form so sweet
    so open to the wearer
    got the one size
    fits all


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