Monday, May 14, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 455 - uncomfortable the small slice of alone

buying unworn boots from Narre Warren  a find
on Facebook marketplace   thinking  that the ring
of Ammonite  would hurt     if you took a smack
from it    clean on the cheek   wait on  for the water
on the boil  the potato  peas  the tea

uncomfortable the small slice   of alone

wriggly in our own skins   another day
then payday   I say you have the thing  full
spent   and the dreamways   are connecting
the caravans  of longing  to the asinine opinions
to dots you haven’t met


  1. I love that last stanza very much!

  2. that's a good title for the next one

  3. Love this one a lot Kerri - lots of fabulous images and stanzas - unworn, uncomfortable, wriggling away.

  4. a beauty, I love the bolded line in the middle, the effect of it


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