Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Rob Schackne #650 - "Maybe blow the thing up"

Maybe blow the thing up
you did but I couldn’t tell
it was such a pleasing shape 

a dried-up garden water fountain
the objects will be gone tomorrow
leaves cigarette butt piece of paper
something red and black
the dirt and the twigs 
the wind you know will come
rain and water sometimes
it really is very lovely
doesn’t matter what the object says
strange enough it stays that way
bumps there against itself
mind you it's best not to touch
a composition of accidents


  1. 'a composition of accidents'- a story of lives - wonderful.

  2. the accident of composition
    happening to be where we are

  3. I owe the phrase, now reversed, to Merlinda Bobis, whose recent 2017 poetry collection is called "Accidents of Composition". Spinifex Press. Please check it out.


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