Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kit Kelen #874 - in almost June

in almost June

cosy tucked
reluctant up

under a mountain near you
branches late to light

in a mistwalk morning
roses still come

more pumpkins to ripe
lemon makes yellow - a win

wash clothes first thing to catch all rays
fight the lyre for song

run other machines with the sun
be breakfasted with mandarin

then lemonade
give valencia a squeeze

take the pills
or else you're one

that same wren's at the window again
... and someday maybe in

there's more to the blue today
there's more up

mulberry can't know
does it come or go (?)

summer's in dust and done
yellow treasure now to be so shone

stretch to warm the limbs
keep some layers on

sneeze first
and blow horn later

crackle of music through
shows ways may be known

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