Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kit Kelen #873 - last drinks

last drinks

for Rob Schackne

we have to sue for a treaty with time
have to live with the thing

day in day out

we know this in our bones
know bones can travel on without

we have to be with the heavenly bodies
keep naming them at least

once money worried
death took a turn

now we have to end the war with time
promise a land of let live

it's like throwing stones at a wall
if one should hit, it catches
then the wall is more

old father of birth throes
won't throw in the towel

you can say river
you can say sea

time is the tree
climbed over the top
is deeper than first thirst

dust into bricks
bricks dust

up to our old tricks
always teaching new

worked years to have these years we're in
all hoping for forever

commands the whole economy

see in the glass
there's that much left
a little bird chimes

look into that sad face
clouds over like a world laid blank

out of the mouths of babes
what you'll get's endless puke

a slingshot could take out the clock
then you have spoilt time's flag for a trice
tick tock
you'll notice how we're gone
you won't

once it spread by poles and wire
or you could burn the stuff

it's one way all could haves
the other no ever or maybe not yet

nor need time ever spring to life
comes back?
do you think?

you can sleep through

if you don't love yourself, who will?

there's nothing we have to do

one moment in our heaven
a thousand years paid down


  1. Seize the day unless it seize you
    "one moment in our heaven"
    Burn time like a cloud. Great stuff.

    rob sChackne ;)

  2. Just don't
    sleep through
    the last drinks :)


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