Sunday, May 6, 2018

Kit Kelen #856 - consider (May 6th, 6°)

May 6th, 6°

the steamrise first thing
footfall with camera
sitrring up the birds
and everything finds its colour

someone's fire
invisible in air
as if it were Sunday
for this half moon
hung in its travels
like a lamp left on
like a wafer
half through
to the blue

an ache
that is only the cold
all step by everywhere we went

you could forget to stretch in this
or think north thoughts

steam rises
like utterance
tree is
pond like a lung let off

lilies already a headsup
mushrooms meaning some ancient rite
change slippers when you come in

everything said would be steam by now

sun is just about to say
hang the damp thing here

you can stop running away

all this gathered to me
a magnificence of light

where nothing has been said


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