Saturday, May 5, 2018

Kit Kelen #855 - you try to find a centre of the garden

you try to find the centre of the garden

you as in one
or could be love poem

it's all outskirts though
crept off

not as was yesterday
but light fell

a sky is coming
Earth spins under

it seems to be in treetops
under as well

it's off with one full of
coming to fruit

here was the seat where
here love will be

so many deaths unrecorded
so much springing to note

wings light
all seasons in the body at once

I balanced along a level path
made a maze of myself

wherever I went
had the garden in mind

as if music came from
and I was risen to

all afoot arrived
wasn't there at all

who was it
followed here?

I found the place
where time stood

and I was listening
very still

Jupiter rose
and heaven was lorded

I was hailed to be here
and the weather was with

something I left

it wasn't spoiled with voices
there wasn't an idea

the sunshine, rain fell
washed and shone

the centre
just where you are

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