Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kit Kelen #881 - not holier than any thou, not singing for the choir

not holier than any thou
not singing for the choir

on so-called political correctness again

but here among amid the fray
just as dark
as down
as hid

and devious
and cunning

not above the laughter
not above cruel fun
and taking it out on
selfish as the next and then some

with insects I've been arbitrary
animals, I've eaten a few
and more than
I admit delicious

I have used the bad chemicals
even on myself sometimes
oooh and it felt good
although suffered something after

made an omelette, I broke eggs
I like to set fire and see burn
tickle you if you come close
I party

I have dirty thoughts
I know that's too much information
I probably smell my age
I can't tell
buggered the shnoz long ago with tobacco

my heart's at least
as dark as yours
teeth are yellow too
there are some secret passages
trap doors

I have hateful thoughts
I won't confess
who'd listen anyway?

I'd like to do unto those ...
slap them about at least

but I am known by right
from wrong

I've often been there
will come again

stretched as head will far
I break the grammar with my tongue

I am a mongrel dog
couldn't be more proud

the precious shit me big time
I say that just for instance
they're sensitive as

and I do that too
I know you do
and wipe
we have no bidet

I am a rough fuck
so you are

and I am enlisted
signed for
stood up
for faith in
what's a vanishing thing

can't see the point
in having all the forest gone
too many of us and nothing to eat
I'm keen on air for breathing too
I think this planet's warm enough
weapons? I don't think we need more of them
not us, not anyone
there's too much money somewhere
chocolate's great, but there must be a limit
I drink coca cola
do you think that the poor might be poor enough now?
I see that you've still got a few screws...
that was very clever

this big wind blows everything off
we just might have caused it
I'm not any kind of scientist
bottom line's I think, don't you?

I'm sickened when songs have a nation
but music can savage

hope against hope
fucking hopeless
I'm old for new tricks
and turn over leaf

yes, I admit I'm a miserable bastard
and no that's not confession
that's just cussed pride

but when the sunshine comes
up all blue above me
I'm moved
I believe
green for the world
I just want to save it
that's all


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