Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kit Kelen #863 - no pets (Kingdom of Atarax)

no pets
(Kingdom of Atarax)

he makes himself a zoo
he wears a shirt all week

every other animal parties
passes through

it's only he obeys the borders
rounds on them

ants have the posts
with a side of time

he knows where the line was dotted
each moment more fabulous

and creatures come to see
he calls the give and take a 'garden'

makes tinkle of piano
drips the the rain till slow

self-arresting all these ways
gathers winter to a fire

he puts himself up a tree
he digs himself a hole

feels like a kept creature here
sometimes demons will have the run of him

ever skyward gazing
he's the third person you know

such days as set aside
he keeps a team of calendar

all beasts smaller than you see
he expects their admiration

nor should they admonish
the animals won't notice the zoo

take him for event
they are all travels through

turning of a world integral
he only knows the pictures shown

he only sees the zoo
skies across this brief

a new enclosure is going up
what will he be there?

a coffin for the gone
down in the under zoo

these acres
this the chosen block

zoo just for one
and the others won't see

he puts himself up a tree
he digs a hole sometimes

the animals have stolen it all
a certain stretch of limbs

here in the allotted time
the country

as if a gift

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