Monday, May 21, 2018

Kit Kelen #871 - production for use or shooting the children again

production for use
shooting the children again

kids do it
even kids can

end each other
and others too

some little jealousy
or fit of pique
a bully grudge
back at ya

double barrelled
or assault
just like in a game
a war

now will never pass

get one at Wallmart
hock it when you need

fit for purpose
fit for use
which of us is not?

what a way to go out
to be remembered
in paradise this way as well

and sometimes they can't kill themselves
just too much of an ask
then all pay to see them rot
soul outwards
or not to see but know

we're all guilt, denial

they have a special place for this
where it is safe to do

isn't it religion
when we say

'taken from the father
who owned the weapon legally'


  1. And the awful prez again has no constructive response. Another merikan nightmare.

  2. A chilling poem - and yes a disturbing AmeriKKKan nightmare (as Jerry Rubin used to describe his homeland)


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