Monday, May 28, 2018

Kit Kelen #878 - first notes for an electric forest with gone koalas

first notes for
an electric forest with gone koalas

concerning the plans of government to build forest fed electric power plants along the NSW coast
concerning the government's denial that there are any koalas where koala habitat is being destroyed

first the birds
no irony

you'll see a human face
to them
and who's that ever stopped?

we will survive!
so much of the human spirit there

the forest lives in our lights
in our fridge
it lives in our washing machine

who will survive?
who's not against once had a chance
but we have come for them again

our treaties warm you for a moment
ash then all the air is

who's with me then
for a little pie

like looking for yeti
but harder
this one's Little Foot
widowmaker of legend
(thylarctus plummetus)
miniatures of a terror

first light catches like a web

at first you won't see the smoke
for the trees
you won't hear the saws out of distance

these are long ages mind
before the electricity
the sun was hardly known down here

knock for a door was a tree
a god begging

come for this drunk stumble with me
the blade is a machine now
I pour dinosaur in
and forest

call and the calendar comes
they're all gone

there must be no politics of this

here's the riddle
how is the forest
when it's gone?

of tin and timber, world
o mine!

once used to telling a lie
how effortless it is

I've never seen a koala here
may lightning strike me blind

the forest hangs over itself
as a soot
ash fall
we say the soil was once

they were here before truth
how should we rate their chances after?

every government says
one tree and another lit

because it doesn't matter now
knock knock
how is a forest electric?
that's when you plug it in

wait for them to speak up for themselves

they say there are none
it's wood for the trees

someone is watching with more of a mind

what haunts you here?
who haunts?

here's a hand to stifle scream
another undoes trousers

solemn is this evidence
of how it wasn't me

more hands lent
just this one silence

they mean that stubble comes back
here's the razor

this is your paint
and here is your corner
see how you get on with that

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  1. time for the elimination of error,
    Auden notwithstanding
    those koalas,
    embers of capital


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