Monday, May 21, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 458 - it was the charts retailed the story back

I had the shot of morphine   didn’t  know   a thing
about it   it was right after I said     don’t think I’m crazy
but I have to take these pants off     struggling down in bay 14  
to liberate some stinging weals      they were running neck to neck
with epigastric pain      I held my knitted blanket    like Linus

it was the charts retailed   the story    back

like a shouted joke   in a canyon   reverberate
 the days     after   the morphine
that never knocked me on my arse   the mast cells blooming
  on my thigh   they were the rockery   that ripped the engine out
 of all the goings on   and then some

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