Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Juan Garrido-salgado #2 'Please let him be a bird in this land'

Please let him be a bird in this land
To Daggie Sheltens, detainee in Baxter for seven years

The sea is a boat on his dream
The darkness at the shore embraces
Its journey to a new land
His visa is only a wave without a name.

Baxter, desert of long sentences
Locked up his youth
Now his eyes are broken wings
Now his heart is a cloud in a cage at the detention centre.

He knew where he was in that white room
He crashed his dream with a native tree in Glenside's hospital

His mind is a wounded hope for all within the wire desert
Within the white room

His mind is a bird without air or sky to fly

Please let him be a bird in this land

By  Juan Garrido-Salgado©

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