Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kit Kelen #876 - rock


I had a job as a rock
you wouldn't know me now and then
but often threw a rope around

rock's a kind of anchor

you'll say pebble if you're smooth
I couldn't line up to point by myself
I was just the one rock

how rare to me
the ear was
though often
given up

often mosses, sun shone, rain washed

some said build your house
on him
or could be her
who knows?

seed rolled until some spare bird bore
the speck

then I grew steadier unwatched
all sturdy
some would say a clod

far as the light of stars I settled
long way to measure back

you could say that I held time
another one determined pitch

you've never thought of me at rest
but what's a rock to do?
we go unsighted mostly

will that be yours inscrutable?
I watched the others dizzy, fall

lay low for the longest time
where no one knocked

then I was stage marked on the way
think of a regular interval

I could have been currency once
sort of a circle I made

spoilt for rhymes
I'd sometimes thought myself a clock

then I get on a roll
cliché! it's a way of life
I think you must know

I was heaved aloft and tossed
and young again
by mountain flung

primordial for dice fling

so soon cooled!

spun like a world I was

how I yearned for soft!
my struggle being being itself
and grain against
I had the whole creek run for it

suspend the disbelief
otherwise how here?

I wasn't another one the same
though lined up with tautology
and taken for a nag

I was a rock and gathered to dust
I was leant on

someone once would knock to chime
or set a solstice by

it was I met the pumpkins
still shining

meant to be the last stone stood
but I was a rock after all

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