Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Kit Kelen #858 - no one as impressed with me as I am (ego-ode)

no one as impressed with me as I am

clouds shine
with here's my halo
very few people can see

how do I do it?
where am I from?
what might I be up for now?

three square meals
good sleep
and dreams!
nobody gets into them
can't remember myself

I till all ills
for poetry
sell it for a song

no one has quite my sense of humour
right wrong

lift off the top of my head
and steam's out
then I chug along

no one has come as far as me
down this track of I
yes parents once thought to clever me out
with knowing what was in each drawer
how long can that last?

then sometimes I get agitated
no one can match the frenzy I feel
not with all that's in their eyes
not with a delicate death

I'm alive
so no one knows my hurt, my bliss
mischief I make and will

how will I keep it up?

breathe what the trees do
sometimes fly

nobody knows what I'm thinking
what's next

I'm there to look up and out and in
there at the turn of the seasons

I swim the fire
I tune the sea

my past is a locked casket
go to the grave with that
or, much better, blow about
but not right now
I'm busy

get all excited then my pants come off
yours too
get a grip

you might almost know the moment
pull down the blinds
it's in the place where no one knows
and awesome! should I say sublime?

no one has my sense of this world
smells what I smell
or how I do
what I'll say next
no one can tell

who knows my eternity
or this my moment now?

must always have had a voice in this

no one prouder of me than I this-self am
how many can say that?


  1. there's someone else has seen this
    but I'm sure they'll keep it to themselves

  2. It is so chirpy! And funny. :) A bit Browning. (Love the Browning).


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