Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kit Kelen #867 - ghost among

ghost among

now stand back to see
time telling

the stain could be a map
written away with

believing on was once square

to get to be

sometimes think you have a beginning
when it's already done

the pen stops
it's the music again
see how a circle was round

like a planet forming
everything is glue, collision
we're from anywhere
like anything

you come home in the evening
that is an afterlife

come to it
out of peripheral vision

over again
and touch kiss
run one up

to get to be

a sleepwalk
there's every hope
set forth on legs
and dragging broken

it's only the gone who are here

it's on me
have to take the pill yourself
have to do your own dissolve

no bones

so sing
till you become

find me a flag
and I'll leap through the flames

kings are of dust as well


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