Monday, May 7, 2018

Kit Kelen #857 - every day I walk out among wonders

every day I walk out among wonders

sun never touched twice the same

I do it in socks
in thongs sometimes

this is the way I call the place home

it's where the wonders call to me
still some of the creatures survive

things first lit for who they are
for what
we can't know why

everyday I walk out among wonders
it's lovely to be out

it's as if they all had waited for me
though that can't be right

I know I didn't grow on the spot
I'm in training, like the vine
some breeze has to have blown me to here

the tree still stands
we might perhaps worship?
at least why should we not bow to greet?
and there's a party in the branches
you only have to look up!

every season's in it
a leaf from the book

birds are not long for
all flit
they give singing lessons

here with my voice
I commit to this love

I wake to wonders already there
(if my kind were gone, there'd be more!)

could be down in the mouth with to-do

not only disasters that befall
but worst of us is yet to come

it's trial and error how we're here

still in this place above me is blue
clouds you could tether for pets

and when they're out of the picture
there are stars
they tell time back
beyond you can see
remind me the world is whirling around
even on a dead still day

hope is my path ahead
all patience now

for the wonders that come
and all unbidden

we two-legs in the plastic now
must struggle to see our own carnage
the centuries against each other
for one or other stupid idea

just a breath of this world sets right
more and ever more wonders still hidden

o what a cliché to 'save the world'
the world's what we're saving here

time's with us and against us too

every day I walk out among wonders
they're the why-to-fight

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