Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kit Kelen #877 - first-thing-iferous


a song

see the first thing birds
in a clear blue dewfall
first sun struck

first trees up
and I come after
stretch never as well
as them

they are mighty
high for me

then I begin
to trudge
my trudge
I do it in first steps

stand in a cloud of myself
come still

first webs
where someone
has been working

night scat left
first to find

moss lit
and we'll work up to it

then time has no idea
it's seasoned
we must wait for news
invent a radio for that

expect no plot
not motive, clue
there is a cosy firstness
tucked last into the dream that was

come to me world
and we're well met
in every miracle of sight

then I could be the camera
first thing before a shutter falls

in the pond a fine reflection
make first haiku there

like a landing
imagine first eyes saw this valley whole
firm forested, singed here, there
now first mist to lift

and all our days are tin about
paddocked pasture

see how the rambling
shack made home
of all we were first for

it's every day
this beginning again
the age of us is struck

and when we're gone we're here
the order of business is us
how we see it

breakfast is towards an ethic
everything to be done

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