Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kit Kelen #866 - gospel


every country is a gaol
it's how we're kept and count

the ancestors are locked away
a people wants forgiving

every doctrine is a drug
each hell a DIY war

every dream a web of wonder
every death a day

light pours in from God-knows-where
every god's a wall inscribed and scrubbed

and go again … every self a someone ghost
every wall's a track of clamber

think a way out
but the border comes too

come to the bones and they're bare
every word a wish

every moment's lived within
shelves have to be climbed

every book's a mountain
you have to write your own passport

think a way out
and the border comes with you

every question is a world
no need to take it from me

every poem's rocket ship
bears us fast away

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