Friday, May 11, 2018

Kristen de Kline #199 Abercrombie Street

we loved like demons

our kisses, fresh

and  fugitive


we wrestled with skeleton trees

snorted lines with Nick Cave

crooned away to Miss Chatelaine:

hold me captive

just a while


on willow-pattern plates

and pieces of tin foil

I chased the dragon

the wind

and you


when you left

I found long blonde strands

nestling on the purple sofa

a book of poems

about a tired sky

and a plane

dropping out

of sight

when you left



  1. glorious
    dear Kristen
    & worth the waiting

  2. Too kind dear Rob (but always good to break the drought!)

  3. near where the Demon Lovers played
    electric dulcimers
    and missed
    the strings when they were really pissed
    they played what Neville bade

  4. I can almost hear that Kit -those electric dulcimers and the twangs from the missed strings :)


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