Friday, May 4, 2018

Kit Kelen #854 - coming through the rye

coming through the rye

bodies are being found
all over the shop

wake up in one
you know this itch, this ache

warm awash and winter ready
dreamt to here

between the acres of it
with a heigh and a ho

whole world's a crime scene
one beside me in the bed

I pinch myself as well
a headsup

the body is all in your mind
candied, tinned, in aspic

this life is but a flower
in only pretty ring time

bodies are working on each other
lie over the ocean

wear away
should a body?

could I?
in other ovens warming

these are bodies too
and all at sea

someone to watch over
explode into

melt the moment with
we sign a dotted line

and heavenly at times

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