Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kit Kelen 367.1 - 2 - resolutions (publishable)


be patient with my parts

do less
but with more resolution

and the conversation

the sundry list of novels, stories
paint when the spirit takes
likewise with strings and keys

theses and books of the others assist
remember to show up to class
get my grades in
brush my teeth

spare frequent thoughts for the mother monster
consider the garden from afar

the wonderful world of atrocity
try to wish every Hitler away

keep the conversation going
listen as well as able

even in among the trees
lend an ear to elements

harness momentum
for best direction

and just occasionally
give it a rest

negotiate the best terms of surrender
stay well out of harm's way

and poetry!
buzz into
like a blowfly
through a screendoor tear

and not ashamed to say
this is inspiration

no problem if it hymns itself
you can hum along

who knows if it will be prose

it's always rising from the grave
it makes the spirit holy

to be gentler gentler
with myself

do what I damn well like
do it when it seems the best 



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