Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mikaela Castledine #367 Crow Garden

Apologies, after peddling so hard across the finish line I have not manage to bring my conveyance completely to a halt. Not sure yet if it is an overshoot or a victory lap, time will tell!. xM

Crow Garden

Grow in my crow garden
my little loves
with your judicious teaching
of your child
this is the place 
they put the porridge leavings
here the water bowled
in thoughtful shade
be flighty fearful here on the ground
just in case
but you are quite safe

It is so hard to tell you apart
my loves
a little in size and one of you
I choose to say the father
has an identifiable limp and then
two of you have 
whitened your iris in wisdom
or for your blackeyed chick
to see you
in the night


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