Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kristen de Kline - #52 - stranger days 2

Carrie Fisher's urn is a prozac pill from the 1950s
everyone smokes in Mad Men
Debbie Reynolds didn't die of a broken heart
two men in the row behind me loudly compete over their vinyl collections
sometimes a record is just a record
Grandma got really drunk on Stanley's cask wine
thought she heard scurrying in the drain
screeched at a possum: fuck off, don't come back, fuck off
you girls know what I mean, something witchy
running around the place like chickens with their heads cut off
why did they add an 'a' to Helter Skelter ?
it's coming
     down fast
I'm coming
     down fast
you got the blackest spirit
     when you're coming down
you look so hot
     want to hold you down
want to feel that body when you touch the ground
bloodied words: warm and sticky
living room wall refrigerator doors
     subway walls tenement halls
everyone smokes takes Prozac doesn't die of a broken heart
looks hot when they're coming down
warm and sticky


  1. Ha. Been awhile for me to read you. But ever since I saw it flagged as pending, I've really been looking forward to reading this poem. Definitely very very. Cheers. Such fine edge work. Thank you, Kristen. :)

  2. Hey Rob - thanks for the great comment. I've got a stack of half finished pieces since about New Year's Eve! But had a touch of RSI so couldn't type them- v frustrating. So enjoy crafting the poems :)


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