Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kristen de Kline #53 - not 2016

a whole year ran away
you're still looking for it

not 2016: we won't go there
there's 365+1 days to dismember the pieces:
harnessed in mid air
suspended over nothing, nothing at all

mohawks UB40 Vegemite glass for the roaches
BLAM BLAM BLAM: Don't fight it Marsha, it's bigger than both of us
locked into a bar called Heaven
everyone's trying to get past the security
Heaven plays your favourite songs one more time all night long
in the Austin A40 Talking Heads are jammed
singin' about a bar called Heaven
where nothing, nothing ever happens
     your house street suburb country
the Blams are wailing from the sidelines:
there is no depression in New Zealand
there are no sheep on our farms
no dole queues no drug addicts
crawling out of a dustbin with plastic flowers
chasing human machines with traces of poison
trash, whiter than
falling coke snow flakes
lines on a willow pattern plate

everybody's talking, talking about world war three
Russia invades Afghanistan
     but we're as safe, as safe can be
everybody's trying, trying to get to the bar
a place, a place where nothing, nothing ever happens
rub some glue into the tips of your liberty spikes
stay close to me red, red wine
don't lose that loving feeling
just one thing makes me forget
flowers in dustbins, poison in human machines
fascist regimes
red, red wine loving feelings
don't let it slip away
just one thing makes me forget
pass me the bloody bottle
red, red wine

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