Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kit Kelen #396 - learning to fly

learning to fly

requires some height
(not stature, silly)
perhaps a push

what's this your skin's
stretched over?

gather to you all things lighter than air
this compels logic to your cause

but how the wind can bite!

so many little things
and wonder if you've got them right
it's fiddly getting ready

but you'll recognize a deep end
the angels for a pin's fee

silence is your power there
as in a meeting of the board

more of a knack
than a thrill

you cannot have argued a way to here
and yet your passage is deliberation

judgement's a moment-to-moment thing

into your head the clouds pour
no telling which decade's – which century's –
is which
it's every miracle upends you

the wax
and the sun
and the song in your ears
you have no fear of heights

the stadium rises to one cheer
for a moment they might all lift

you wake hard from that fond conceit

don't underestimate the gawkers though
is there another proof?

consider the loop to loop
advanced, yes

then you're a kind of canvas
updraft caught

the news breaks through
you fall

it needn't be that way
you know

stick with the lighter music stations

you fold away a world out there
set your own course
and dive


  1. I love the lines 'gather to you all things lighter than air'

  2. you're so prolifically good kit! I'm amazed, each day you provide long witty poems ... are you a half-god of some sorts?!!!

  3. thanks Beatrice ---- but well I guess the fact that I don't have to translate as well every day makes life easier ...
    what yr doing is very impressive too!


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