Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 188 - Give me Fever

Give me Fever.

stitched onto the sand   you were once a fever
of stinging rays     wide  underwater kites

with graceful flapping wings   apparitions beamed from
outer space   it always seemed to me    the end of all the

mysteries      my uncles   cousins  picking    stick thin legs
between the sand bar   and lagoon    Narooma

beach    afraid of electricity   surely coursing through the
long whip tails   devil-barbed   you swished you swished

patrolling    more sure than all the storm troopers  in the
Death Star   now to open up the paper     on a Saturday

find the stingray killing competition     see you there
all dead   in a patterned grid    speaks of no

imagination    barbarous-engined zombies  wound up set loose
human Pac men   stealing grace  and all imagination

nothing left but rot and someone coming by
to turn the sand    across a glut of bodies

Sunday  if not Monday 


  1. see you there
    all dead in a patterned grid

    but I read

    see you there
    all dead in a patterned grief

    there's so much happening here

    it's like ten poems in one

    but I want to meet the civilised zombies
    - the ones who've given up on the machine

    1. I think there is more in this Narooma cycle Kit, oh I may pinch your suggestion btw is that ok?

      The civilised Zombies I think I have written them already. I decided to post it and not stew on it. It is part of the Cosy Camp cycle. Goodness, how things come at you from strange directions, don't they?

  2. I love this poem but I wanted it to end with the word 'bodies'

  3. I agree with Claine! I thought it was to bad not to end with the bodies! But thanks for this poem and the images and the complete change of scenery ( I'm bang in the middle of rural Tennessee at the moment!) and the reflexion about what's at stake here. (And stingrays are so marvelous creatures!)

    1. My dears I have changed it as I think I noodled off.....

  4. No. Sunday/Monday etc goes very well at the very start, dear Kerri. :)


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