Monday, March 20, 2017

Rob Schackne #278 - "Confusing rain"

                       (after Kerri Shying)

Confusing rain. The weekend of course.
The people are encouraged to stay home.
I'm going out with an umbrella. She's cute.
I'm caffeinating. I'm writing letters.

(Like getting a letter from a bandicoot.)
Bird-brain. Nut-hatch. Anti-freeze.
How some fit together and how some don't.
Like life is a houseboat without any water.

Like life is a trip without the zipper.
Like love likes life and gets around it.

(Life likes writers as they fall into the sea.)
Supersonic. So hydroponic.

Tongue-twisters like we did last summer.
Sure I hardly know anymore.

                                Shanghai 3/20/2017


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